Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What else would this possibly be used for anyway?

Well, obviously.

The To-Cam 3000 Toilet Camera
To-Cam Manufacturing, Inc.
7 John Elway Drive
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Going poop is vitally important to all organizations and individuals, from global corporations to small businesses, from CEOs to the proprietors of small retail stores, from global manufacturing operations to a new "high tech” startup. Nearly one-third of the civilian work force in the United States is employed in jobs related to going poop. Going poop offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities, such as professional underwear changing, retailing, advertising, ebusiness, bathroom architecture, poop research, sport pooping, distribution and logistics, and purchasing. In addition, students with poop-related degrees may find excellent job prospects in international toilets. Going poop career opportunities also exist in a variety of non-business organizations, including hospitals, museums, universities, government, and social service agencies.

The To-Cam 3000 toilet camera is specially designed for tomorrow's emerging Going Poop specialists. It provides a superior education in the foundations of other people's foundations. The To-Cam 3000 is specifically designed for today's modern facilities, but can also be retrofit to accommodate the pooperies of ages past. With the To-Cam 3000 toilet camera, you will be able to study the diverse fundamentals of going poop, such as posture, professional grunting/foot stomping, management, and strategy.

The To-Cam 3000 offers a broad assortment of features designed to let each prospective To-Cam owner/operator round out his/her research according to specific career interests and study goals. The smooth, multi-step zoom is sure to bring every movement into sharp relief, and the included sensor array keeps the To-Cam 3000 sensitive in all lighting conditions. Its auto-adaptive white balance will keep your colors crisp and realistic. And with video resolution at an impressive 640x480, your footage is sure to impress even the most hardened and crusty research adviser.

Contact your local toilet camera distributor, and ask about the To-Cam 3000 toilet camera today.

1. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR USE BY POOP FETISHISTS. To-Cam Manufacturing offers a separate line of highly covert cameras specifically designed for today's emerging poop fetishists. Contact your toilet camera distributor for a list of our available products.

2. TOILET CAMERAS ARE FOR RESEARCH ONLY. Tampering with or disabling toilet cameras is a Federal Crime punishable by fines of up to $3,000.

3. CONSULT WITH A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. Studies have shown that consultation with a physician prior to use of the To-Cam 3000 can reduce poop- and research-related injuries by up to 18%.

4. ALSO, CONSULT WITH A PSYCHIATRIST BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. Studies have shown that consultation with a professional therapist prior to use of the To-Cam 3000 can reduce use of the To-Cam 3000 by up to 100%.

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