Friday, February 15, 2008

My Reaction to the Northern Illinois Shooti-... Moo!

I was going to blog my outrage about the shooting at Northern Illinois University, but then I saw this:

which totally turned my outrage into a tiny little balled up wad of chocolate-covered marshmallow. Seriously, who could be outraged about rampant gun violence when there are real problems in the world... problems like INVISIBLE COWS!??!?!!?!!?

Mystery guest: Knock, knock.
Person: Who's there?
Mystery guest: INVISIBLE interrupting cow.
Person: Invisible interrupting cow wh-
Mystery guest (cow): Moooooo!
Person: Wait, who said that? I totally don't see any co-
Cow: It's because I'm invisible! And I interrupt!
Person: Oh, you do, do y-
Cow: Yes, I do!
Person: [shoots cow with legally obtained firearm]
Bloggerizers everywhere: We are outraged! This was a terrible joke!

Have a great Presidents' Day, everyone. And in the words of Jane Fonda on the Today show, see you next Tuesday!

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