Saturday, July 26, 2008

How far has your once-vaunted reputation sunk when the New York Times decides to run a picture of you shaking a crying baby? I remember back in the day when President Bush was merely a cute, cuddly, monkey-faced liar and terror-monger. But this... I mean, sure he defrauded millions of people out of jobs, money, their sense of security, their national pride and reputation, and the sanctity of the English language, but this makes him look like a monster.

Therefore, behold the new Oscar '08 campaign poster:

Note the clever, surgically precise removal of George Bush's disguise. Now you can see him brandish his bloody fangs while his angry eyes glow red, just the way Zod in heaven intended.

Monsters in the White House. Power to the people in trash cans. Let's make this happen, people. Let's dare to act on my dreams.

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