Wednesday, January 16, 2008

World, meet Lex Dabrowski


I don't need to know how a 14-year-old boy managed to amass enough technical know-how to monkey with a city transit system. I'm not curious what his parents do that he apparently had enough spare parts lying around the house to build his device into a remote control. I kind of wonder which buttons he pressed for which specific functions though, but that's only because I'm kind of a geek about electronics.

No, what worries me about this story is this:

"Dabrowski is to face charges of endangering public safety in a special juvenile court."

Um, hello? Doesn't anyone in Poland read comic books? [Insert clever Polish comic book joke that is mutually insulting to both comic books and Poland, but that I am too lazy to come up with, here.] This is like the origin story of every bad seed that goes on to antagonize Batman or Spiderman, or any of the other various Jewish superheroes in the world. But since I don't read comic books either, my question is this:

What will Adam Dabrowski change his name to when he becomes an arch-criminal? Button Man? The Remote-ster? Control Freak? The Whizzinator?

Suggestions welcome. Anything worthwhile, I will take credit for on my application to become one of his henchmen, which I plan on filing any day now.

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