Friday, January 18, 2008

Call off the search...

Eccentric chess genius and rabid anti-Semite Bobby Fischer? He dead now. No word yet on weather his death was orchestrated by Jews, the US Government, or a bad batch of the souvenir color-coded yogurt that Boris Spassky's team used to signal which opening gambit Fischer was using during the 1972 world chess championship which was held, appropriately enough, in 1972.

Either way, this cat has gone horizontal.

I saw Searching for Bobby Fischer in a theater in Paramus, New Jersey in the summer of 1993 with two friends from high school, one of whom is now an ascendant New York actor and the other of whom is, or ought to be, a striking writer. (Since he always was pretty striking, even when he WASN'T writing! Ba-dum-bum!) And the kid who played Bobby Fischer was adorable! Who would have thought he would grow into this dead 64-year-old nut job in the matter of less than 15 years?

No word yet on whether death itself is a conspiracy engineered by the Jews, or any of the other hate organizations whose machinations were responsible for Fischer's brilliance or its later version, total paranoid insanity. I still miss him though. SEXIEST NERD EVER.

Bye bye, Bobby.

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