Monday, December 10, 2007

Trader Joe's is seriously straining my holiday spirit and good cheer

It was hard for me to get mad about the pod in my edamame that only contained a single bean when so many of the other pods - which usually only have two beans in them - had three instead. But I did get mad, dammit. I did. It's too late now. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

If we had such lax standards at Dole, there would be a massive worldwide outcry, and probably riots, which is why we have three entire people (it used to be 4.3 people, but that was before corporate layoffs and the amputation of a vestigial extra arm - I won't say whose) whose job it is to count the peaches that go into the canned peaches and the pineapples in the canned pineapples. It drives me out of my MIND when companies can't get their shit together and do something right.

And during the holidays too.
Dear Trader TRAITOR Joe's,

Fuck you.

Your buddy who hates you and who corresponds regularly with both Jesus and Santa Claus, so you better watch out, seriously,
Smokey Robinson

P.S. I mean it. Fuck you.

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