Sunday, December 23, 2007

The irony of a bad dish of Platillo del Mexicano

There's something ironic about a restaurant that serves bad Mexican food, isn't there? I say this not so much as a half-blood Mexican (thanks a bunch, Mom - or, as you no doubt said to your mother, "muchas gracias, calcetines de tomate."), but as a former restaurant manager at a place where, not unlike most of the restaurants in the world, Mexicans are doing most of the cooking. So I find it strange to be sitting at a place where the cooks, who are the same nationality as the owners and servers - AND THE CUISINE - can't get their own food right.

But that's just me. I have very strong opinions on Mexican food, and why people are eating it when there are perfectly good American restaurants out there going broke. In some retarded way, I bet this is all because of NAFTA. Those bastards have screwed us again, those bastards.

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Pete said...

Mrs. VFR is a Mexican food snob, so she would agree with your assessment wholeheartedly.

She frowns upon almost all Mexican outside of Texas.

When we were in Colorado, I thought the state set the bar pretty high for good Mexican. She thought it was set pretty now there.

Coincidentally, the best food I ate while in Mexico City was at a Brazilian steak house.

I don't agree with this statement necessarily, but perhaps the argument could be made that the entire Mexican genre is overrated.