Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Return of the Banantelope News
(But for how long?...)

I don't often bother publicizing it when I remember to update YATOPNRTB's sister site, Now Is The Time For All Good Antelopes to Come to the Aid of Their Banana, but it's just been so rare lately that I pretty much figure people have stopped reading. What, like none of those people have ever run a website for four years with only sporadic posts, then taken four months off for no good reason and re-emerged with a three-paragraph fake news story? Is that really a reason to give up on me?

Okay, fine, it is. But since I updated NITTFAGATCTTAOTB, I think maybe you should swing by.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as one who has never given up on NITTFAGATCTTAOTB, it's nice to see it back up and running. But when are we going to get some new recipes in the Antelope cookbook? I've mastered the recipe for ice...

Pete said...

Welcome back.

Good to see the first post since April on the sister site.